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We don’t want a nice district, we want a better world!

And that is why it is not enough for us to build up a political perspective and resistant structures only in Gröpelingen. We want to contribute with revolutionary work in the district that people unite against the capitalist, patriarchal and racist system and fight for a better world. A world in which the needs of the people count more than profit maximization, competitive advantages and national thinking.

Those who profit from competition, from precarious work conditions and racist division are organized supra-regionally or even internationally. A resistant structure in a district is not a big obstacle for them, since capital can be moved to any corner of the world and people almost everywhere depend on selling their labor power under lousy conditions. That is why we need revolutionary neighborhood groups everywhere in the country, the continent, the world. Only when people everywhere begin to join together and fight back, and when these people organize and coordinate with those from other areas, can we seriously challenge the existing conditions.

That is why we as Solidarisch in Gröpelingen are in the process of building a larger structure, an organized movement, together with other neighborhood groups. We are not alone with our ideas and our goals. We do not let ourselves be isolated or divided. We are looking for common solutions and share the knowledge we use to succeed in the Cape against oppression and capitalist exploitation.

One group we work closely with is Bergfidel Solidarisch from Münster. Together with people from the district, they are organizing against LEG, a rental corporation that, just like Vonovia, Deutsche Wohnen and others, wants to make maximum profit from the basic need for housing. And like in Bergfidel, there are other groups with whom we will join forces!

For an organized movement of revolutionary neighborhood groups, for a world without competition, racism and patriarchal structures!

SiG, July 2021

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